Rules and Procedures

qtq80-TrE03wEvery classroom needs rules and procedures. Here are ours.


  • Be courteous/respectful
  • Participate
  • Be honest

Three basic rules cover nearly every situation that might come up at school and contribute greatly to student success.

  • The first rule is to be courteous and respectful. This creates a comfortable space for learning.
  • Second, it’s necessary to participate. Students who do the work–both in and out of classroom–have the best opportunity to learn the material.
  • Finally, students must be honest. This means coming to class with an open mind, doing work as assigned and taking personal responsibility for all actions.

When all three rules are followed, all students have their best chance for success.

Additional rules apply due to our setting. Students are asked to look forward at all times. Students may not communicate with their peers without specific permission. If group work is assigned, students must keep their conversations on point and refrain from sharing any information not expressly approved.

Raise your hand, and wait to be called on before speaking in class. If you are not called on immediately, please be patient as there may be reasons of which you are unaware preventing comments at that time.

Follow all detention rules, including assuming the all call position when asked. Put your head face down on your desk, your hands on the top of your head with your pencil pointing up. You should not be looking around while staff restores order to the classroom.


Enter class orderly with your Unit. This means being quiet and holding questions until after movement is complete. This is a detention rule and it applies to everyone. If you don’t know where to sit, check the whiteboard for the seating chart (if available) or stand near the front of the room until directed by staff or your teacher where to sit.

Be ready to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of class. You don’t have to say it, but you do need to stand.

Participate in reciting the Kids at Hope Pledge.

You will likely be given a pencil during class. Safeguard it. Do not leave it unattended at any time. If leaving the classroom for any reason, sign out using the sheet on the clipboard by the door, and then turn your pencil in to your teacher or staff. If you are issued any other supplies such as a highlighter or glue, also keep them within your control until returned. You will be responsible if your items come up missing.

Remove the eraser on your pencil and show the instructor both ends of the pencil (the sharpened lead and the opposite end) before replacing it in the slot corresponding with the number of your assigned seat. Lead must be intact at all times.

If your lead breaks you must immediately call it to the attention of staff or your instructor and turn over the broken piece or pieces of lead along with the pencil so it can be sharpened or replaced, depending on its condition.

If you lose your pencil lead you will be required to find it.