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classroom desksA classroom without students is just another space.  A class site without student work, well, could make better use of its space. So here goes:

While the identities of the authors of each assignment must remain private, please enjoy. Someday, maybe your work will appear here too.

Audience – Process Project

The assignment: Choose a process. Create a list of steps aimed at a specific audience and create a poster to present to the class.

Creators and Creations:

The assignment: Write an original narrative story explaining the origins of life following the pattern of traditional creation stories.

The beginning of earth…..

By (Name Withheld)

There are many galaxy`s in space.

One galaxy in space contains human being`s that galaxy is known as galaxy 187.

There is a human named Juanito he broke multipul law`s.

There are many laws in galaxy 187 and if you break the laws of galaxy 187 you`ll be sent out the galaxy in a space ship all alone.

So the next morning he was sent off into space.

It took a whole year till he reached a different galaxy.

There were 8 planets & one big star he was thinking of what too name them.

Juanito was headed towards a big blue & green planet.

As soon as juanito landed on the planet he thought of the name earth so he named the planet Earth.

Where he landed was not expected.

All juanito seen was desert & the big star.

He followed the star all day long till it was at the edge of the Earth he named it the Sun.

When the sun left there was a little white planet as soon as he saw it he named it the Moon.

But after a long day of walking juanito was finally exsasted he fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up too the Sun being in the sky again juanito was filled with joy for the light the Sun brought on Earth.

He started walking till he got too a different area where the land was full of grass & trees.

There where a lot of strange creatures some that even knew how to fly.

The ones flying in the air were named birds.

Juanito was thinking too him self not only galaxy 187 was the only galaxy too contain life.

Juanito saw something shining in a distance so he went over to investigate what it was.

As he got a good look at what it was shining it was a space ship just like his.

He thought to him self could it be his own ship or someone else`s?

As he approached the craft he saw different name on the inside of it the name was Anabell.

She was sent thinking if I can find her it could be the new beginning of salvation.

But she was sent here 6 years ago could she even still be alive?

Juanito did not give up he kept searching in hope throughout the wilderness to find her.

Tow whole days pass by & Juanito finally came across a clue where she could be.

The clue where a bunch of footsteps in the dirt so he followed them till he got to the end of the foot step trail Juanito noticed there was a fortress.

As he approaches it he here`s a female like voice that say`s halt who are you & what do you want? Where do you come from?

He replies my name is Juanito ive been banished form galaxy 187 just like you I found your ship not too far from here & saw your foot steps so I followed them.

Anabell replies “where is your ship & what do you want from me?”

Juanito replies “far back in the desert im in serch of starting salvation on the planet”.

Anabell approaches Juanito & says ive been hoping to start salvation as well.

Juanito & Anabell beginning to start new life`s together.

They have several children in the past ten years.

They have 7 children in total three girls & four boy`s.

The children go on to have children of there own.

Juanito was proud of himself for not giving up & that he started a new salvation also for a beginning of a new planet & galaxy that contains life.

Planet Earth will go on forever till the end of time its self……

Creators and Creations:

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The Assignment: Write an original narrative following the pattern of science fiction stories.

The Adventures of Darma (one in a collection)

by (Name Withheld)

Today is September 26, 3017 at S.G.S.H.Q (Secret Galactic Scientist Headquarters), class 1 Bravo. Today is a big day can someone tell me why??

Yes, Janson, why is today a big day?

Sir today is a big day because the first Galactic Space Cruiser is traveling out of our Universe!

That is CORRECT Janson! Great job! Moving on class I have a surprise for y’all I spoke to several Super Intendants for this to be made possible. I got them to approve of a visit from the Pilot and Co-Pilot of the G.S.C. (Galactic Space Cruiser) traveling outside of our universe.

This is Pilot Jerry Emmet and his Co-Pilot Darma Bergh. Jerry and Darma waved at the class, signed autographs, and shook hands with every student in the classroom.

Are you ready Jerry asked Darma,

Ready when you are captain. It was nice to meet y’all and it was a pleasure to see you again Professor Steign, but we got to go prepare for our trip to another universe

wish us luck. Said Jerry

Good luck old friend. Said Professor Steign.

Darma and Jerry walked out of the classroom and into the elevator located to the first right turn down the hall and the second left turn and to the right was the elevator. They got into the elevator and went to the underground aircraft hangar. Jerry walked out of the elevator first then Darma followed.

Both pilots jumped into the space cruiser. It was as big as a two story house all black like a jet with three yellow racing stripes, one down the middle, the other two on either side of the space cruiser it was a magnificent space cruiser indeed. When the hangar opened the space cruiser powered on it could be heard 3 to 7 miles away. Than it slowly started hovering, as the hangar completely opened than it shot out of the hangar at full speed, throwing both Darma and Jerry back in their seats.

Darma’s long wavy black hear flying backwards like a fan sitting in front of her she smiled at Jerry her emerald green eyes looked so beautiful to him he smiled back at her than looked away. Now they were off to deep space another universe

Darma said “who would have thought we would be the ones to travel to another universe.”

It’s absolutely amazing isn’t it? said Jerry.

As they passed the earth’s atmosphere the space cruiser sped up with tremendous speed, then Jerry press a yellow button as they passed Mars. They hit light speed directly into a worm hole and then they looked at each other with astonished facial expressions.

They landed on a planet with a yellow sky, blue grass and purple trees. It had three suns yellow, orange, and pink and it wasn’t so much hot or humid more like cool and chilly. The air was breathable surprisingly to Darma.

Darma was the first one out of the space cruiser she was waiting on Jerry but as she walked back towards the space cruiser she seen her back pack being thrown at her as she caught in the air it threw her to the floor. Than the G.S.C closed and started up and took off. Darma strained her eyes to see the spaceship as it grew smaller, it became just a speck against the yellow sky, and disappeared. She looked around warily at her new home. Then she straightened her shoulders and began to whistle. “everything will be OK if I just keep my head,” she decided.

She stopped whistling and began walking towards the nearest tree to her she plopped down on her bottom against the tree and began searching threw her bag. She pulled out a blanket, some food, a flashlight, batteries, flint, a little pocketknife, a lighter, bottles of water, her laser gun, ammunition, combat knife, portable mini stove, a gas lamp, and a tent. She starts setting up her tent when she finished she rolled her blankets out in it.

By the time Darma was finished she noticed the sky was a light green and a soft pink with two big moons and a smaller one rapidly orbiting around the two bigger ones. She started to gather a couple of logs of wood to make a fire, until she heard a twig get stepped on from somewhere in the deep forest of trees behind her. She stood in silence but heard nothing more so she continued to make the fire she stayed quiet since the space cruiser had left her. Once the fire was started she gathered some of the meats and started preparing the mini stove to cook on it. She cooked the meat and ate some food than went to her tent to sleep, she slept with her laser gun at easy reach and the blankets covering her face.

Darma woke up and forgot where she was, she walked out the tent and realized all the logs of wood she gathered the night before were missing. she ran inside the tent and grabbed her laser gun and ran back out but then there were 5 creatures she had no idea what they were. The head of a leopard body of a gorilla and a tail like an alligator, about 8-foot-tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. She stood in shock but then aimed her laser gun at the first one closest to her and then began letting loose on the creatures. One fell the other 4 started towards her and snatch her up, in the quickness.


The End!!